Back to writing

Well, no one is going to see this but the bots as they have taken over my referral box and comment box!  Alas, Askimet does not catch them and they have overridden the Kingdom at wordpress. So I’m going to leave off Blogging for awhile until they fix the referral spam problem.  I’m not writing the Blog here for the bots, I’m writing it for the exercise it gives the mind, and for contact with other Writers and Authors, to see what they are doing, and to share what I have found in researching the road from Writer to Author.  I’m writing less, and I find myself spending more time trying to find a way around the bots and worrying about my stats than writing, and since that is what the whole blog is for, but it has been corrupted, *sigh* I just don’t see any other option.

On a happier note, I’m going back to writing offline, of course, where I always compose.  I’m about half way through the manuscript, and the decision to put my energies to that instead of fighting the bots makes me feel better already.  Makes me wonder if the Blogging is really worth it?  Perhaps the best author sites are true feedback sites, where they critique each others work.  I think that after working on my manuscript for about a week, I’ll do some research in that arena.  I’ll see you later folks!  I hope the writing links provided in my blogs will help you on your way!


C.K. Garner

3 thoughts on “Back to writing

  1. Christy Farmer

    Hi CK Garner,
    Rest assured that I am neither a bot or spam, but a new blogger who read your post and could not resist smiling since all new bloggers can only identify 🙂 Best of luck with your writing endeavors, and heartfelt thanks for your kind words. Christy

    • Ah, thank you kindly Christy. So you are new, as well? I’m not even a month into blogging, but I have two of them, now, and get this, both of them are broken on some fashion. But if you carry on, so will I! Thanks for the support and nice comments. I’m thinking of posting an excerpt from my manuscript for dartboard and constructive critique, but I really need to focus on adding a couple of characters to it first. I really enjoy your blog. Perhaps I should go for a peaceful theme too, to remind myself that that is a goal as well. Thank you! 😀

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