Hi and welcome! I established Blog Paper Scissor to journal my  experience as a newbie Writer on the road to becoming a published fiction author. Now, having traditionally published a book and tried my hand at Indie-Pubbing, I’m continuing the goal to share the best advice I can find on Writing and the road to published Authorship  so others might achieve that goal, too.

There are links to books, writer blogs and author websites; from getting started on your first page, formatting and building a manuscript, to submitting your work to agents and publishing houses, large and small and Indie advice, too! Join me in sharing this site with other Writers, and help build a treasure map through the maze of what it takes to go from Manuscript to Published Novel…and amass the courage do it all over again.

Kate Dancey collects books and dust, worships a cup of dark coffee daily, and is owned by two cats. When not engaged in writing third person descriptions of herself, she writes to unbury her keyboard from beneath the fur and is editing two fantasy novels and drafting a horror anthology.

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