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C.K. Garner’s San Atenai Bay recalls old San Francisco, but with a dark steampunk twist in Stealing Time, a nineteenth-century Western adventure.

Illyrian Skyship Captain, Acastus Hale Atenai, risks all to keep secrets of time travel safe from Phantom-Ships; Frankenstein-like coastal raiders. Losing Nikola Tesla, the founding father of the technology, in the process, is he is protecting more than just the science and its creator from discovery? In her novella, Stealing Time, C.K. Garner gives an answer to the question in the form of Acastu, Captain Atenai’s young son. Along with his friend, Jim Kodama, the son of an exiled Samurai and a local saloon girl, will Acastu fall prey to his father’s fate?

“Stealing Time” will be released to the public August 10, 2012 as a $0.99 E-book download at the following locations: Formats: PDF, PRC (Kindle), ePub (Nook), and Mobi. Format: PRC (Kindle).

Ebook ISBN13: 978-1-61937-320-4

About the Author

C.K. Garner is currently at work on the sequel to “Stealing Time”, and a Victorian murder mystery. A YA fantasy novel is scheduled for release in 2013. In her spare time she also writes as The Widow Kate Next on The Steampunk Empire, where she takes blame for the creation of a darkly amusing social circle entitled “Just a Bit of Arsenic”.

She can be reached at:

For more information about “Stealing Time”, please visit


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