Yea! I’m getting published! What Happens Next?

Howdy Peeps,

Yes, it’s been a long, lonely time since I posted to my wonderful followers about cuttin’ through the red tape to the gettin’ published finish line, but here I am, and I am happy to say that I’ve finally crossed and broken through the ribbon*drum roll please* I’m getting published! Musa Publishing  accepted my manuscript, Stealing Time for publication in their Urania Speculative and Sci-fi imprint. Stealing Time is scheduled for release August 10, 2012. Can you say walkin’ on air and thus giving my tootsies a break? *big grin*

So, now that I’ve found a publisher, submitted my manuscript, had it accepted, and signed the contract I get to sit back and ride the magic carpet to success as an author, right?

Well, I’m afraid that is dead wrong, my friends. It’s time to get back to reality, here.

Getting accepted by a publishing house, large or small is just the beginning. There will be blood. Okay, maybe not blood, but there are blogs, email accounts such as Blogger and WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook to set up and link, author groups within your publishing house to take an active role in further honing your craft, author interviews to set up  for yourself, and interviews by you for your fellow authors, taglines and blurbs to write and rewrite that will help to sell your book, descriptions for the artists to consider when creating your cover, and supporting your fellow writers in their endeavors, and so much more. Not to mention writing your sequel, ahahahaha, that’s the  part we love!

Those of you who thought you were entering a cakewalk, or are just plain chickening out may leave the building. We don’t condemn you, seriously, who wouldn’t balk at that list? Of course, it does make one wonder if all writers and authors aren’t just a little nuts, because here we are, ready to get cracking!

Okay, all those still in the game are go. Let’s have some liquid courage before we get into the new round of discussions, you can never get enough caffeine in you if you’re in it for the long haul. *pours various forms of highly caffeinated beverages all around* 

Next Blog:

Square One: Why I chose an E-book publisher over a traditional format publisher.

Procrastination: Let’s get it On

Here we are, another day, another Blog. Away goes a day of procrastination as far as writing on the sequel to Stealing Time. Instead of heeding the call of my Muse, I’ve been setting up and designing my WordPress Blog, combining the new and the old.  Then cleaning out a list of need to correspond emails, all while trying to keep my shit from being tracked by Google (don’t even know where to start the same process with Yahoo), and ousting the nasties from my computer. Who knew it would absorb the entire day and a good portion of the night?

Did you wisely grab the chance to get away from the new Google spy and shareware? I wanted to wait and see what would happen. Now I know I shouldn’t have waited, but I did find a place on the Google dashboard that allowed for tracking back to the old board and using a pause button, or remove browsing history button, to hopefully corral that wild nonsense. Are you having nightmarish spam, and glorious go-getter viruses trying to invade, or succeeding since the Google tracking cookie and spit-worthy mad sharing extravaganza began on 3/1/12?

Ah, well, manana is another day, and after working the mundane job, I’ll be back to woo my sequel with the proper care it deserves, and devote several hours into putting contents of head into its loving embrace, watching the pages unfold themselves into story *slides fingers over keyboard while gazing hungrily at manuscript folder* Yeah baby. Tomorrow I’m all for you. @)–>–, C.K.

*signs off for the day humming Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get It On”*

The Best Weapon: David Pilling & MartinBolton –

New Release from Urania Sci-Fi/Spec-Fi at Musa!

Posted on March 3, 2012 by ckriffle
The Best Weapon: David Pilling & MartinBolton –The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy. Two young men, born on opposite ends of the world, are inexorably drawn together by forces outside their control or understanding. Created and manipulated by demonic forces, they must take charge of their own destiny.

Connections: Done the Impossible

Hi World! Today was connection day. I’ve been twiddling accounts, jumping from one connection to the next, and grasping for toggle buttons to launch my WordPress blog, Blogger Blog, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter accounts like some kind of planet hopping, Western space-jockey! All of it to reach my readers, fellow writers, and authors out there in the ‘verse (Oh, so you recognized the Firefly reference!), and broadcast the goodtimes around in spite of Alliance interference and Reapers (read viruses) obscuring the way. Done the Impossible!