>My new and first Blog Post about becoming a Writer and eventually an Author

A Scribe or Copyist

C.K. Garner Smarty Pants Writer to Author Blog

Blog, Paper, Scissor is a reference to:

A.)BLOG~My new Blog about writing life, creating my manuscript and the maze I navigate in learning about getting published

B.)PAPER~Getting my story ideas from head onto computer and  printed page, how it sucks my life away and gives me new perspective on living at the same time

C.)SCISSOR~The Godawful amount of editing it takes to build a good story by tightening up my manuscript, and the cuts I make to my social life because I’m writing, researching about writing, and talking to other Writers and Authors about writing

12 thoughts on “>My new and first Blog Post about becoming a Writer and eventually an Author

  1. >Yay! Welcome to the new world. I guess I will need to start using my blogger account now.

  2. >Yup! I've arrived, thank you for being my tech friend and first visitor, Xtina, and longtime beta! Did you see that everyone? I used some writer's terminology.A Beta Reader refers to a person who reads your manuscript, offering critical advice before it is presented to professional editor, should you choose that route, or agent, before publication. Beta is the shortened form.

  3. >Oops I commented in later post.,Yay you have a blog lol

  4. >Ha, ha, yes–you summed it up nicely Kate!!!

  5. >In BLOG I forgot to add that it will take weeks for me to figure out how all this works! I need to learn how to add items to the side bars. I think I can find them through posting or setting template formats or gadgets, but is sort of like a treasure hunt; X marks the spot, but now that you've found the spot, you find it is buried in the center of a lake and must figure how to get at it. Tunnel under the lake? I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

  6. >Hey, Nishi! You made it! So happy about this blog thing. I'm spending the next two days learning how to navigate, then going back to writing. I think I can post an excerpt…really nervous about that, but I feel it would be good to get the critique as I go along.Being a published author, Nishi, what are your thoughts on that?

  7. >Lol! Nelly! Yes the Widow Next finally has a blog, but under my writer's name, at least as it is for now…who knows? Possibilities, possibilities… Tonight's BLOG adventure will be to see if I can figure out how to post the folks who I follow onto my Blog. Here goes!

  8. >Success! I've got "My Friend's Call Me Nelly" Listed as a blog I'm following! This evening I'll add a few others. So writer's and new Blogger's the Gadget pages are what you want to look for under the design tab. At least in blogpost. Also the template creator is your friend so you can decide where to put things. Have fun!

  9. >What's on my mind today? Waiting for May 31st to get here as that is the day True Blood Season 3 comes out on DVD. Must have…that's what! I love the characters on that show. From page to telly, Charlaine Harris writes great people!

  10. >I'm having a great time (NOT!) figuring out where/how to place items such as friend's books on my blog. Nishi, and Nelly, I was moving things around and accidentally deleted a couple of your posts!I've sort of got it, and sort of not *sigh* but I now have my followers list created and have three followers, YEA! I also have listed who I'm following, and it's kind of a legalized stalking thing, going on here! Lol! Tonight I'm on a mission to learn why my links to people's sites aren't allowing a link-up. They show, but you cannot click on them to go to the site. But if you want to visit the sites for the books I've listed, you can still copy and paste. I've only got 24 hours left to play with this Blog, and get it set up, because I need to get back to the real reason I'm here: WRITING MY NOVEL!!! 😀

  11. >What do you think of the new background image and colors? I was trying to find something that would be soothing to my eyes and those of my Followers and Readers. Blogging is an odd experience. It's like talking to yourself with your mouth shut! Hmmm…but different from writing because then, the character or narrator speaks.

  12. >Okay. Fixed link problem and now I'm going to effing Disneyland! Hahaha, just kidding. Now I'm going to ask everyone who sees this page to take a look at the authors I've posted, and the folks I follow, because everyone needs more followers, right?! Yea, stalking!And for the WRITERS portion…I've got a huge treat in store for the writers and even authors already published. Ever heard of NATHAN BRANSFORD? He has, hands down, one of the best blogs on writing a scribbler like me, or like you Dear Reader, could ever desire!Nathan Bransford was a literary agent from 2002 to 2010 for Brown, Little & CO. Now he is an Author, but he keeps his blog going to help aspiring Writers get to that golden dream they've set themselves to following: Their First Novel (I put it in caps because that is how I see it in my head…in marquee lights!Lol! He offers up great advice, from learning how to set up your pages to plotting your first, or your tenth fantastic tale, to making your characters come to life on the page. And if you want the lowdown on publishing, whether ebook or traditional, he's got the answers you're looking for!I'm going to start with a link, and then we can talk about it. Tell me what you think! http://blog.nathanbransford.com/

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