In support of Boston Marathon Runners and the Spectators who cheered them on.

Blitz Canteen-Women of the Voluntary Service Wikimedia, UK

This week’s post is dedicated to the Runners of the Boston Marathon, and the Spectators who cheered them on April 15, 2013; Patriots Day.

Join me in admiration of the Runners whose dedication to their sport brought them to the finish line safely, and let’s encourage them to continue to race on for the victims, to give hope that they may live to compete again. You carry all our hopes forward and our hearts go with you.
May all who read this get behind those who chase their dreams; help the doctors, lawmen, and act as good Samaritans to keep the wounded and their families safe in their time of need. From the United States to Canada and the Philippines, from London to Brazil nothing will stop us from trying to achieve our personal bests from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The terrorists who did this will be caught and face the justice of the people. Do not live in fear; do not hide away. Live your lives out loud and in the open, brave in the face of tragedy to honor the fallen.

I send thoughts of healing to the people of Boston and to the souls of this great nation. We are best when life is at its worst; therefore in the spirit of humanity, I ask my fellow writers and readers to go out of their way to be kind to each other and their neighbors. Lend a caring ear or perhaps a strong shoulder. Help support your community and if you can, lend a hand to someone in need, especially to those in Boston.
If you are reading this, take a moment to send healing thoughts and prayers to the wounded and those who have lost someone. If you are able to be involved directly, consider giving blood in the Boston area, though according to news sources, expect to wait a little longer than average to do so.

If you want to help support monetarily, the Red Cross is helping to provide meals and comfort kits to victims and their families. Also, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in conjunction with Boston Mayor Tom Menino have set up The One Fund, to help aid those most affected in the sad events of April 15. Please help them in their relief efforts. Here are the links:

For a list of other ways, to help specific victims and their families here is a link to the Huffington post which includes the Richard Family Fund, dedicated to honor the eight year old boy killed in the bombings and give aid to his mother and sister injured in the tragedy.

You might also consider the Celeste and Sydney Recovery fund through the Go Fund Me site, which is focused on helping them to recover from their injuries. Celeste Corcoran lost both legs below the knees and Sydney, who was hit by shrapnel, has several injuries resulting from the blasts.

Peace and Strength to all of You from all of me.

Kate Dancey

April 17, 2013

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