My latest “What if” session resulted in a new mission: Add Characters=Realistic Protagonist


Adding additional, or secondary, characters can help develop your protagonist!

After my last “What if ” session I found myself developing a whole new character.

I’m going to plop this character down into several scenes from beginning to middle, which is the extent to which I have written my Fantasy Manuscript, and add her to my protagonist‘s friend list.

Yes, this means I get to go back and revamp every interaction between most of the characters already written, but I think my readers will know my protagonist better through the new character.  It will aid in moving the tale along, and add some moral compass, too.  So, all in all, it is worth the extra work!

I’m also introducing two more characters, one  originally planned for  the second book  of the Fantasy series, and the other an enemy, or frienemy as they are called.  My protagonist needs work, and I need to show the reader her less desirable traits, as well as her better traits.  My protagonist must learn how to make good choices to grow in maturity, and act to follow suit.  These can be expanded on through her friends points of view.

Conflict, not perfection, and the struggle to move forward make my protagonist appear more real, and that will help my reader to relate to her.  The secondary characters provide support for, or undermine her  further development, which helps to drive the plot.  Mission accomplished…well, not quite yet.

Guess I’ve got my work cut out for me!  Now you try.  Add a new character and see what it does for your story.

2 thoughts on “My latest “What if” session resulted in a new mission: Add Characters=Realistic Protagonist

  1. Wow! This newly revamped segment looks so much better, and reads much more clearly than previous version! It conveys the message I wanted to send into the Aether, gives cause and effect examples to the Writers and Authors who want to learn why I would add another character when it makes more work to do, as if writing the story wasn’t enough!

    Writing isn’t enough! You gotta Blog it, cut it, do it again! That is how you will get to the point of selling it!

    Work your script intelligently, not ceaselessly. If you have a thousand words it does not make a story, but if you have a thousand edited, rehashed, thought out and well chosen words, linked together in an understandable and entertaining fashion…you’re on the right track! 😀

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