>Writer’s Break: Have you read any Steampunk lately?

>Ah, a little rest for the cramped fingers.  Time to relax with a good read.  I am quite involved in a very active group of alternate historians known as Steampunks.  The books in the Steampunk genre tend to lean towards alternate history of the Victorian Era, which speculate as to how things might be in the future.  Think HG Wells, The Time Machine, Sherlock Holmes, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and now Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest.

Boneshaker differs a bit from a lot of books in the Steampunk genre, as it takes place in the Alternate history US, instead of the typically seen Victorian British Empire.  It leans more to a Western ideal of the times such as the search for Gold, issues of culture and status, the Civil War and the expansion of travel through trains, and in true Steampunk fashion, dirigibles.  Want to know a bit more?
Here is a full review of Boneshaker by Cherie Priest at boingboing.net 
To visit Author Cherie Priest’s Blog click here

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